BRAKE LINE STEEL FITTING Price revision since 1st October, 2008
New Update

Name of car Type Reference Item # Price
86 ZN6 Rear Ventilated diskrotor B1086 33,000
Rear Solid diskrotor B1087 33,000
GR 86/BRZ RACE B1086 33,000
ARISTO JZS160 /JZS161 NA/TURBO common in use B1107 24,000
ALTEZZA SXE10 /GXE10 SXE10 to 0037523 ,GXE10 to 0049210 B1110 24,000
SXE10 from 0037524, GXE10 from 0049211 B1111 24,000
VITZ SCP10 until 99.2・2WD B1101 24,000
SCP10 /NCP10 99.8 - 2WD (improper for RS) B1102 24,000
NCP91 /NCP131 RS for 4 Disc B1117 30,000
CROWN GRS180 /GRS182 improper for 4WD B1112 24,000
GRS202 /GRS204 improper for 4WD B1112 24,000
SUPRA GA70 /MA70 /JZA70 B1007 27,500
JZA80 for TURBO B1008 24,000
SOARER GZ20 /MZ20 /MZ21 B1007 27,500
JZZ30,JZZ31,UZZ31,UZZ32 without ABS B1114 24,000
UZZ40 B1115 24,000
HIACE #200 for 2WD, improper for 4WD B1116 27,500
JZX90 2.5L NA/TURBO B1103 24,000
JZX100 2.5L NA/TURBO B1104 24,000
JZX110 2.5L NA/TURBO B1109 24,000
MARK X GRX120 /GRX121 improper for 4WD B1112 24,000
LEVIN /TRENO AE86 for 4wheel disc B1002 27,500
AE101,AE111 normal strut vehicle B1113 24,000
MR2 SW20 NA/TURBO common in use B1009 27,500
IS250 /IS350 GSE20 /GSE21 improper for 4WD B9101 24,000
IS-F USE20 B9102 24,000
RC ASC10 /AVC10 /GSC10 RC200t /RC300h /RC350h B9103 30,000
SKYLINE HCR32 2.0 GTS-t TYPE M B2004 27,500
HNR32 2.0 GTS-4 B2001 27,500
ECR33 improper for active LSD B2103 32,000
ER34 2.5TURBO B2104 32,000
SKYLINE GT-R BNR32 B2001 27,500
BCNR33 improper for N1Caliper(brembo) B2007 27,500
BNR34 improper for N1Caliper(brembo) B2007 27,500
SILVIA/180SX #S13,#PS13 CA18,SR20 common in use B2002 25,500
S14 for NA, improper with HICAS B2101 25,500
S14 /S15 for TURBO, improper with HICAS B2102 24,000
MARCH AK12 12SR 2015.8 -2010.7 B2105 26,000
FAIRLADY Z Z32 NA/TURBO ALL Model B2005 27,500
Z33 brembo 4pot/2pot. B2106 63,000
Z34 SUMITOMO 4pot/2pot. B2108 63,000
GT-R R35 brembo 6pot/4pot. B2107 63,000
INTEGRA DC2 without type R B3002 25,500
DC2 96SPEC/98SPEC type R B3104 25,500
DC5 type R Fr.brembo B3110 25,500
CIVIC/CR-X EF3 /EF7 /EF8 /EF9 Si,SiR B3001 25,500
EG6 /EG9 Si,SiRⅡ B3002 25,500
EK4 SiR B3102 25,500
EK9 type R B3103 27,500
EP3 type R B3107 27,500
FD2 type R Fr.brembo B3108 30,000
FK2 type R Fr.brembo B3119 59,000
BEAT PP1 B3101 24,000
FIT  GD1 /GD3 4wheel disc B3111 36,000
GE6 for rear drum B3113 36,000
GE8 RS 4wheel disc B3112 44,000
GK5 RS 4wheel disc B3117 44,000
PRELUDE BB1/BB4 B3105 25,500
NSX NA1/NA2 B3114 25,500
S660 JW5 B3118 36,000
S2000 AP1 B3106 25,500
AP2 B3109 25,500
B4112 36,000
AXELA BK3P /BKEP /BK5P B4106 26,000
B4113 31,000
DEMIO DE3FS /DE3AS /DE5FS B4107 26,000
DJ3FS /DJ3AS /DJ5FS /DJ5AS B4111 31,000
ROADSTER  NA6CE /NA8C Allmodel B4001 27,500
NB6C /NB8C Allmodel B4101 27,500
NCEC B4104 32,000
ND5RC /NDERC Not. brembo Caliper B4110 35,000
CX-5 KEEFW /KEEAW /KE2FW /KE2AW B4109 32,000
CX-7 ER3P B4108 28,000
RX-7 FC3S without ABS B4002 24,000
with ABS B4005 26,500
FD3S B4003 25,500
RX-8 SE3P Allmodel B4103 27,500
COLT RALLIART Ver-R Z27AG B5105 27,500
CN9A /CP9A (brembo Cailiper) EVOLUTION IV, V, VI B5102 27,500
CT9A /CT9W (brembo Cailiper) EVOLUTION VII, VIII, IX, EVO WAGON B5103 27,500
CZ4A (brembo Cailiper) EVOLUTION X B5104 28,000
IMPREZA  GC8/GF8 front 2pot, rear 1pot B6006 27,500
front 4pot, rear 1pot B6007 27,500
front 4pot, rear 2pot B6008 27,500
GDA /GDB /GGA /GGB front 4pot, rear 2pot (including brembo) B6005 27,500
GRB /GRF brembo Caliper(4pot/2pot) B6009 28,000
GVB /GVF brembo Caliper(4pot/2pot) B6015 28,000
GH2 /GH8 4wheel disc B6019 28,000
EXIGA YA4 /YA5 /YA9 /YAM Not. brembo Caliper B6016 27,500
FORESTER SG5 4wheel disc B6010 30,000
SG9 brembo Caliper(4pot/2pot) B6011 30,000
SH5 /SHJ B6012 30,000
LEGACY BG5 /BF5 /BD5 /BC5 for TURBO B6006 27,500
BH5 (GT-B/GT-VDC) /BE5(B4/RSK) for TURBO (without S edition) B6002 30,000
BL5 (B4 2.0GT) /BP5(2.0GT) for TURBO (without customize edition) B6003 30,000
BP9 (OUTBACK) B6013 30,000
BR9 (2.5GT) for TURBO B6014 27,500
LEVORG VM4 /VMG EyeSight B6020 33,000
BRZ ZC6 (for 17inch) Rear Ventilated diskrotor B1086 33,000
ZC6 (for 16inch) Rear Solid diskrotor B1087 33,000
ZC6 (BRZ RACING) GR 86/BRZ RACE B1086 33,000
WRX STi VAB (A - C) brembo Caliper(4pot/2pot) B6017 28,000
VAB (D) brembo Caliper(6pot/2pot) B6022 40,000
WRX S4 VAG EyeSight B6020 33,000
CAPPUCCINO EA11R /EA21R all cars B7101 24,000
SWIFT ZC21S (Rear Drum) 1.5XS,1.5XS audio less spec B7102 24,000
ZC31S (4wheel disc) Swift Sports B7103 36,000
ZC32S (4wheel disc) Swift Sports B7104 36,000
ZC33S (4wheel disc) Swift Sports B7105 36,000
COPEN L880K B8001 24,000
LA400K B8002 24,000
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