Proper Rotor temperature range from normal temperature to 500 degree centigrade
Coefficient of friction 0.50 to 0.60
Price from 15,000 JPY/set
Only for rear
Fitting brembo car : extra fee 2,000 JPY

ACRE DRIPA brake pad is designed and developed for Drift car's brake pad with wide control performance emphasizing the initial braking force in every stage. Using ACRE Super Fighter brake pad for front and using ACRE DRIPA for rear together, you can manage and control your car as you expect when drifting.

ACRE DRIPA brake pads are supplying to participate D-1 Street regal cars by OEM and still evolving its performance. Not only corresponding a rear wheel drive vehicles as a drift car but also we recommend ACRE DRIPA brake pads for circuit driving with firm read control performance and pedal works. The coefficient of friction is stable from initial braking to end of braking and it responds to sudden behavior change of car when turn-in to control.

The most important feature of ACRE DRIPA shows a great performance in gymkhana race, dirt trial race and etc too.

ACRE Brake pads are made in our own factory.


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