Proper Rotor temperature range from normal temperature to 500 degree centigrade
Coefficient of friction 0.36 to 0.49
Material Non steel ceramic fiber (non Asbestos)
Price from 21,000~ JPY/set
Front/Rear for Japanese car
Fitting brembo car : extra fee 2,000~20,000 JPY

Listening users voice, our company worked in development with concerted efforts this brake pad prevent from the dirt for the wheels dust and the brake noise. The main reason of uncomfortable brake noise and wheel dirt is due to the brake dust but ACRE DUSTLESS-REAL is an innovative brake pad reducing the brake dust but still nice performance of braking force.

To solve this issue was our company's task since our company have established.

The purpose of this brake pads is to reduce the dust and brake noise with better braking force than a stock brake pads so this brake pads is not for circuit use.
We recommend ACRE DUSTLESS-REAL for owners of plated wheel and white wheel. In winter season, it may make a little noise in the morning.

ACRE Brake pads are made in our own factory.


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