Studied thoroughly the dust in many European cars, reduced 75%!!

Proper Rotor temperature range from normal temperature to 450 degree centigrade
Coefficient of friction 0.35 to 0.45
Material NON Steel Ceramic Fiber ( non-asbestos)
Price from 19,000~ JPY/set for front
1,000 or 2,000 JPY higher with sensor.
Fitting brembo car : extra fee 2,000~20,000 JPY

European cars are designed to wear the brake pads and also disc rotor. So exchange of one rotor is common to twice change of brake pads. The wheels would be very dirty with a brake dust for an imported car.

ACRE Co.,Ltd have been testing to reduce this brake dust with 9 imported cars at the same time. If the first touch of braking rate changes to upper, the dust comes more so we decided the best wear material on brake pad surface with the best balance after try and errors. And finally we could reduce 75% brake dust and recommend all of owners of imported car ACRE EURO STREET.

ACRE Brake pads are made in our own factory in Japan.


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