Proper Rotor temperature range from normal temperature to 500 degree centigrade
Coefficient of friction 0.35 to 0.50
Material Non steel ceramic fiber (non Asbestos)
Price from 13,000~ JPY
Front/Rear for Japanese cars
Fitting brembo car : extra fee 2,000~20,000 JPY

ACRE Light Sport perform the high control ability and overwhelmingly braking force comparing the stock brake pad. Also we worked for preventing from the dirt wheels by dust and the brake noise. By acting in the low coefficient of friction from low temperature without depending upon any weather conditions, the high control ability will be performed. A driver can control a car with sensitive pedal works and become the reducing the rotor aggression.

ACRE Light Sport is the best selling item of ACRE products for street use design and eveyone can be satisfied from beginners to senior drivers.

Low metalized pad makes easy to remove the dust on wheels by water.

ACRE Brake pads are made in our own factory in Japan.


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