Proper Rotor temperature range from normal temperature to 750 degree centigrade
Coefficient of friction 0.45
Price from 28,000~ JPY/set
Front/Rear for Japanese cars
  from 32,000~ JPY/set
Front/Rear Imported car
Fitting brembo car : extra fee 2,000 to 20,000 JPY

Originally the material of this brake pad was developed to be used for rear-engine vehicle Porsche only but further developed for the front engine vehicles aiming the high control performance and improved durability from street users to circuit race users. Of course you can use this brake pad for street drive called semi-street and has perfect control and sufficient braking force at full brake in circuit race even when ABS works. All-round brake pad from street use, mountain climb, high way cruising, circuit race and endurance race.

This brake pad was proved at Okayama International circuit 2 hours endurance race with Skyline R32 GT-R without any problems. also at Twin Ring MOTEGI circuit course, this brake pad was used for Idlers 12 hours endurance race.

Sometimes it may generate the brake noise little bit but it will reduce the excessive wearing of brake pad even for street use.

ACRE Brake pads are made in our own factory in Japan.


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